TK Voice – Vijita Pandey, Project Manager

The TK team is amazing at using new technologies for preparing construction drawings. Revit lot spec is one of the latest applications that the TK team uses for the best collaboration and coordination. Fortunately, I got an opportunity to be part of this team. The team lead and other colleagues are very knowledgeable and supportive.

I can say that the Lot spec application is very interesting for solving builder issues. It’s a smart and effective way to manage options. This can optimize efficiency and productivity for the Production builders. It also automates the process of creating “lot-specific” construction drawings, costing and schedule of quantities. For the best quality construction drawings, we put alot of effort into everyone getting good exposure to new training and research. Many production builders these days are now opting for the Revit lot spec application. It helps them to manage the building options and lot-specific construction drawings in super speedy way.

In addition to technology the TK team also knows how to associate fun with work. Last year, every afternoon, we had a mid-day quiz time. It was a fun game with lots of design, construction, and planning-based information. This year it’s “trivia time” another fun game that people enjoy. The work culture is very much appreciated.

TK encourages the team to support society with the giving back concept. In the 2021 holiday season, team members took the initiative to adopt 2 families through the USPS Operation Santa program. In that way, we tried to deliver happiness to the kids with Christmas gifts.