TK Voice – Swathy Mohana Chandran, Rendering Specialist

From my childhood I have always loved playing with colors. I loved to paint – sometimes picking the brightest colors in my palette and sometimes neutral or earthy tones depending on my mood that day.

As someone quoted “Architecture is just art that we live in”. My passion for digital renderings began when I saw, how every choice of color, material and texture, indoor and outdoor lighting, beautiful landscapes, furniture and home decor, could bring to life, a completely designed home in minutes without the hassle of pondering over what colors to choose or investing in furniture before seeing the fit in your space. As a 3D Rendering expert, I believe that the right colors and details can change the look, mood and the feel of a space.

We at TK, have been helping clients visualize their home either through photo realistic 3D renderings or breath-taking walkthroughs, or as I would like to say it, “Future home tours”. The best part of working here is that, TK explores every technology out there and keeps up with the latest, to produce the best outcomes and this has given me the opportunity to grow along with them. Everyone has been helpful and encouraging and never hesitant to offer support. TK embraces a diverse work culture and great values and I am forever grateful to be part of the family!

– Swathy Mohana Chandran, Rendering Specialist