TK VOICE – Angela Nuveman, Project Manager

As long as I can remember, driving around town or on our way to a new adventure, I was in the backseat studying each home to see the details that make each home unique and wondering what were behind those windows and doors. I also loved to flip through magazines and come across a “Before and After” articles showing the floor plans of an older home and how the space was designed to utilize the space for modern living.

It was a project in high school, designing a mall for a technical writing class, that I found my love for Architecture. The next semester I couldn’t wait to sign up for a drafting class. I continued my education after high school taking computer aided design classes and learning more about construction process. One class that I really learned a lot from was a building materials class where we built a small-scale house. I knew I wanted to stay on the residential side of architecture. I found my dream job with TK Design.  Working here for the last 5 years I have learned so much about the design and construction of homes.

The design team at TK Design is so talented. In the first meeting with a client, they begin sketching their custom designed house right then and there! The production team is also filled with talented people, very knowledgeable of construction, especially from those that have worked in the field.

As part of the production team, I find that there is so much still to learn in each new custom house we draw.  I am proud to be a team member at TK Design and the quality of construction drawings we produce, with a great job perk, never having to wonder what is behind the windows and doors!