TK Voice – Mitchell Maxwell, CAD Specialist

At the beginning of every year people think that is it is time to reflect and start new goals. But all too often people start and then a few weeks into the year things go back to “normal” and Life just gets in the way of all the brand-new goals that we just made. But there is a better way to start new habits and goal setting. One of those things is to involve other people in your goals. Every year people start the whole new going to the gym routine. But a friend is someone that can make you accountable and more likely to do it. Most people think about the goals but fail to take the next step and find that friend. When it comes to your work goals it should be the same. Finding a team or forming relationships that will further that goal and will hold you accountable to your goals. So, when looking at your goals did you find that friend?

Mitchell Maxwell, CAD Specialist

Often, we get so caught up in our own lives that we rarely know what some of our close relationships have been doing over the past year. We have our guy for this and that, but we don’t know what new tools and practices that they have implemented in their business. What are the new things that they have been working on, do we even know? What types of services and products do they offer that we may have overlooked due to our busy schedule? Could our close relationships have something that may even help us with our new goals? Is there a service or product that we would like that they may be able to help us with?

One of the things that I say a lot is, that I love TK. I would say that one of the best things about TK is that we are always looking to make everything we do better. We are constantly trying to improve our systems of practice, whether that is using new rendering software, to project management, learning about new materials or even just making the drawings a little bit clearer and cleaner. There is a standard of excellence that the team carries pushing us forward. I know that I have personally experienced a growth in my own knowledge and abilities because I came to work with this team. I am deeply grateful to have become apart of such an inspiring team. For those that have worked with us ask – what’s new. For those that don’t know what we do – come and find out. We would love to show you what makes us different for your next project.