TK Voice – Josh Knost, Designer

When you drive past a TK home, you know it – it doesn’t matter the style of the house, the location of the subdivision, or the builder who framed it. TK houses have something that goes beyond standard curb appeal: all the homes that our company designs have a certain something that makes them all fit together, but also stand out from the others. From my time so far with TK, I’m not sure that I know exactly what makes a TK home different, but I think I’m starting to figure out why.

To start, every part of our design process is built to allow for collaboration. From beginning to end, every home is handled by a team here at TK, instead of simply being the product of any one lone creative mind. This process has been perfected over time, and I’d have to guess that it’s a big reason for our creative success: there is no ego in our design, and all input is welcome. Each finished project benefits not only from the expertise of the designer, but also from every team member who had a hand in getting the home to the finish line. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when that team is made up of some of the best & brightest in the residential design business.

What I’ve come to learn is that what sets TK apart can’t be put into a paragraph or two, because the talent of this team far exceeds any words that I could put to it. If you’re wondering what I mean, go take a look at any TK home – or just come meet our team!

– Josh Knost, Designer