House Plan Designs for Single-Family Built-to-Rent Homes

Article as seen in Professional Builder Magazine

DESIGNER: Todd Hallett, TK Design & Associates

DIMENSIONS: Width: 35 feet / Depth: 56 feet / Living area: 1,400 sf

The key with built-to-rent homes is to create an effective, lean design that is efficient but also offers numerous amenities you would find in for-sale homes, including single-level living, an open floor plan, outdoor living opportunities, and garages that are set back.

A  Single-level living creates the opportunity for a diverse range of renters

B  Open floor plan with interconnected spaces makes the home feel larger than it is

C  Long vistas from the foyer bring the outside in

D  Efficient outdoor living is created by “completing the square”

E  Recessed garage de-emphasizes the presence of the automobile