Aging in Place

A recent University of Michigan survey on Healthy Aging had 88 percent of the responders state they felt it was important to age in place.   Perhaps you have a parent that should no longer live alone, and you want to make your home more accommodating?  Are you considering a remodel or new home and want it to be your forever home?  Have you ever considered “aging” in place in your home or wonder what it might entail? 

TK Design has seen a growing interest in this concept.  A little pre-planning early in your remodel or new home design process will make those mobility changes that happen in life much easier to adapt too.   We initial will look at the flow of your home to avoid tight corners and ensure hallways and doorways can accommodate walkers or wheelchairs. TK will identify locations where grab bars may be required in the future to make installation in the future easier.  The two spaces that require additional concentration are the kitchen and baths.  More floor area is required in these spaces for circulation and wheelchair turnability.  The height of counters, curb-less showers, and the height of receptacles to door hardware are just a few of the components that are also incorporated.  

Recent home design with accessible suite

Renovating your existing home or designing your new home for the future is a more cost-effective solution than assisted living facilities.  Let TK Design help you make some design choices that will allow for the ease of adapting to life’s changes in your home project.

– Annette Gleason, Production Manager/Architect

Example of a clean pathway & multi-family

Home example with personal elevator