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  • Nationally renowned for Lean Design – TK Design can help you make more profit on every home you build
  • The Builder’s Architect – we work with builders all over the country. Our travels and consulting with builder teams enable us to remain at the forefront of the latest trends in plan and elevation design
  • Our extensive background in building helps us to understand each builder’s unique needs

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Production Builders

  • Home plans – every range and size of single family residences
  • Multi family homes
  • Computer generated construction documents
  • Remodeling design and construction documents
  • House renderings – computer simulated model, pen and ink, and watercolor
"Its is an ABSOLUTE pleasure working behind your TEAMS plan sets. They are the BEST I have ever worked with in 30 yrs. No joke. Easiest plans to estimate & get said estimates to meet end invoicing. Makes a HUGE difference." Matt Giuliani, Mans Lumber

Learn More About Eliminating Waste, Saving Costs and Creating More Livable, Buildable Homes.

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Production Builders


Todd Hallett discusses the principles and techniques of cutting edge Lean Design in this free video.

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