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Roughly half of all ideas surfaced during a LeanBlitz can be traced to difficulty with the plans: missing dimensions, confusing or conflicting information, too much or too little option detail, location conflicts (e.g. drain vs. joist), complex structures, errors, uncorrected redlines, reversed plan omissions, etc. Resolving these before construction saves return trips, repairs, schedule delays, rework, scrap, excess material usage… and may improve HVAC performance enough to reduce load specifications.

In most cases, lessons learned on your more frequently built plans carry over to other plans in your portfolio. While some issues are tied too closely to the basic structure to be remedied, a surprising number can be worked out. LeanPlan Workout always pays for itself. 

There are two parts to LeanPlan Workout.

  • Orientation. The half-day Orientation, held 10-20 days prior to Workout Week, involves 17 plan-driven suppliers and trades using 765 specific, trade-appropriate questions derived from LeanBlitzes conducted across North America. The builder provides each participating supplier/trade current blueprints for four popular models, and the trades then use a special process for identifying design-induced waste. The TrueNorth Facilitator and award winning Architect Todd Hallett walk several in-process homes immediately prior to the orientation. 
  • Workout Week. The builder LeanTeam, a small group of construction, design/sales, and purchasing/estimating personnel, meets with individual suppliers and trades over the course of 22 hours. Facilitated by TrueNorth and the Architect, we explore improvements and changes that reduce material cost, construction time, return trips, rework, warranty service, on-the-job adjustments, or otherwise ease the construction process. This is followed by a day scrubbing ideas for value and practicality as done in the LeanBlitz while the Architect consolidates all the comments onto clean red-lines coded to a comprehensive list of plan and engineering recommendations. All ideas are fully documented, noting the change, why it is beneficial, its relative priority, and prioritized for action tracking.

Eliminating design-induced waste reduces construction cost and improves quality with no value loss to the homeowner. Suppliers & trades eagerly join in the process because it makes their lives easier and their labor more profitable while reducing total cost to you.

LeanPlan workout does not require or suggest a change in Architect. Any Architect and/or engineer, internal or external, can proceed from the clean red-lines we provide, and they will thereafter have a template from which to improve other existing and future plans. 


LeanPlan Workout consists of 

  • a 1-day Orientation
  • a 4-day Workout Week

If engaged during or shortly following a LeanBuilding Blitz, the Lead TrueNorth Facilitator already familiar with your product, processes, suppliers, and trades remains attached to your project and the price is discounted.

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