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We are “The Builder’s Architect.” Our custom home designs are tailored exclusively to meet your client’s needs and budget.

  • We produce high levels of satisfaction with your clients — enhancing your reputation and increasing referrals for you.
  • Our home designs are up to the minute on current trends so your clients get the most livability – ideally built for the way people live today.
  • Our home designs are aesthetically pleasing and fit your client’s budgets so you develop a portfolio of great looking homes, with great customer satisfaction ratings.

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custom home builder

  • Home plans – every range and size of single family residences
  • Multi family homes
  • Computer generated construction documents
  • Remodeling design and construction documents
  • House renderings – computer simulated model, pen and ink, and watercolor
Being in the building business for over 20 years, I have worked with many Architects on various styles and sizes of homes.  Our expectations are very high and we are sometimes very demanding.  Todd and the TK team have exceeded our expectations on all of the projects. It is a great feeling to know you have a professional architecture firm that not only designs a beautiful home, and listens to our customers, but also keeps our customer's budget in mind through the entire project. Mike Miller, President, Mike Miller Building Co.

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Todd Hallett presents his top 3 design trends to start in 2017 and his top 3 design trends to stop in 2017.

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